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Founder and president Gilles Beaulieu  started in show business booking corporate shows in Canada in  the year 2000. Since then, he has managed artists and produced shows in Canada and the USA. He is currently manager for Elyzabeth Diaga and producer for her show « Queens of Rock », which currently holds a residency on the Las Vegas Strip at the Mosaic on the Strip theater. 


Being a musician himself, Gilles has always been passionate about music and show business . He’s been traveling to Vegas since the mid 80’s, but he really started learning about the Las Vegas market in 2015. He rapidly established a network of key contacts through local agents, producers and entertainment managers for major Las Vegas venues. Gilles truly values long-term relationships, transparent partnerships and win-win agreements, with all the parties involved in his business and personal relationships...


His mission now is to bring the best quality entertainers from Canada to perform in Las Vegas and its vicinity. He is also working on establishing a two-way channel where top Vegas acts will also be invited to perform in some Eastern Canadian venues… Stay tuned !!

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